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"I have never encountered a more powerful
or meaningful Framework for approaching

   --  Sharon Webster, Elementary Educator 




A healthier environment, wiser culture and more peaceful global community -- these possibilities rest in the hands of our youth. Their well-being concerns us all.

At Creative Lives we seek to help children thrive and discover their unique potential for learning, contribution, and fulfillment. Our work extends to their primary learning communities (homes and schools), and engages them in the natural world which supports us all.

We are pioneering a new, holistic approach with teachers, parents and the children they serve -- Ellen Tadd's Framework for Wise Education



Becoming Fully Ourselves

"When I became a student of Ellen Tadd in 1997, I knew I was embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. For more than 17 years her understandings have helped me navigate my life and realize my dreams for a whole-systems approach to education -- a system that considers and fosters each person's unique potential and purpose.

Tadd's understandings are universal -- they apply to all children, parents and educators -- in all situations. Her approach, based on her practical understanding of the human energy system, is intrinsic to each of us and is waiting, like a map for buried treasure, to be explored and utilized in becoming our best."  Maureen Burford, Director

Adventures in Parenting

In April, we began a new program for parents and elementary age children in collaboration with THE FAMILY PLACE in Norwich, VT.

Adventures in Parenting: Addressing Root Causes of ADD and ADHD built on our success in helping children learn Framework for Wise Education strategies that support focus, concentration, good decision making, and success at school -- without the need for drugs. 

We plan to offer this course again in 2017.

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